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River Info Event Published: 9.6.2009.  

On Friday, 29 May 2009, on the Flower Market in Zagreb, the Twinning Project Team with colleagues from the Main Laboratory of Hrvatske vode and from Croatian Herpitological organization "Hyla" welcomed the public to a River-Info-Event

The purpose of the event was to inform the general public about the objectives of the EU Water Framework Directive, in particular about the importance of a functioning river hydromorphology as well as impacts of human activities (navigation, flood protection) on the hydromorphological status and consequently on aquatic life.

The event was designed as a journey along the river, where visitors assessed the biological, chemical and hydromorphological status of two river stretches, good and bad. Through the assessment the visitors got an overview which activities and why have a negative impact on the river’s flora and fauna, and learned how deteriorated rivers could be improved.

In addition, a contest of the most beautiful Croatian amphibian, as well a children workshop on making amphibians was organized.

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