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Invitation to Symposium Published: 28.7.2009.  

We would like to announce a symposium "Innovative waste water treatment solutions for Croatia".

During this event the following key issues in water sector in regard to waste water will be presented and discussed:

• What is the current status of waste water sector in Croatia?
• What is the strategy for waste water problem?
• What are the possible technical solutions applicable in Croatia?
• How to use available funds for construction of waste water treatment plants?

The symposium will be held on  4. and 5. September 2009, in Tuškanac hall, at Tuškanac 1, in  Zagreb.

All interested parties will be able to present and display their posters, products and technologies. 

For presentation of posters and products please apply per mail on until 10th of August 2009.

For more information please read the program of the symposium.

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