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Symposium on Innovative wastewater treatment solutions Published: 14.9.2009.  

Symposium on "Innovative waste water treatment solutions for Croatia" was held on 4th and 5th of September 2009. in Zagreb, in the Cinema Tuškanac.

The symposium was organized by the Twinning Office in cooperation with the Croatian Water Pollution Control Society, European Water Association and  Frauhofer Institute of interfacial engineering and biotechnology IGN with the aim of presenting technical solutions and discussion of requirements for the implementation of these solutions for waste water treatment in Croatia.

After the introductory speech by Stephan von Keitza, RTA and Zdravko Krmek,Secretary of State, the symposium began with a presentation by D. Biondic (Croatian waters) on the current state of waste management in Croatia.

Afterwords, two different technical solutions for wastewater treatment were presented: W. Trösch (Frauhofer IGB) presented a technical solution for semi centralized ideas, while Londong J. (Bauhaus University Weimar) presented the technical solutions for on site water treatment.

Furthermore B.Zmajic (HDZV) gave a presentation on the prerequisites and proposalsfor a legislative framework that would allow the application of innovative water treatment technologies in Croatia, and D. Tomasovic (CODEF) presented the financing options currently available by the European Union.

As the final speaker, E. Santali (Institute of Environmental Protection) presented the examples from Finland about the organization and financing concepts for application of innovative wastewater treatment projects over the last few years.

On the second day of the symposium a round table on current problems in waste water management was held, with special emphasis on the question of co-financing of future wastewater treatment plants, using the resources of the European Union.

For more information please read the program of the symposium and the presentations below.


Stephan von Keitz: Introduction

Danko Biondic: Current Situation of Wastewater Sector in Croatia

Walter Troesch: Technical Solutions for Wastewater Treatment- Semi-centralized concepts

Joerg londong:Technical Solutions for On site wastewater Treatment

Bojan Zmajic: Prerequisites of Innovation

Damir Tomasovic: EU Financing Instruments

Erkki Santala:Organization and Financing Concepts

Nena Hak:Prerequisites for SAPARD funds

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