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Symposium on River Structure Published: 17.9.2009.  

Symposium on "River Structure-key element in modern water management" was held on 11th of September 2009. in Zagreb, in the Cinema Tuškanac.

The symposium was organized by the Twinning Office in cooperation with the Croatian Water Pollution Control Society and  Bavarian Environment Agency.

After the introductory speech by Stephan von Keitza, the RTA, the symposium began with a presentation by Albert Goettle (Bavarian Environment Agency) on the modern water management  with focus on hydromorphology and river renaturalization in Bavaria .

Afterwords, Tina Miholic (Hrvatske vode) presented the Croatian methodology for assessment of hydromorphological status and the results, and Lidija Tadic presented the ways of improving the status of drainage management in regard to environment and nature protection.

Furthermore, Mario Sommerhaeuser gave a presentation on the project of river renaturalization in Germany, the technical solutions implemented and the benefits in regard to environment coming from them.

Senta Berner (Twinning project) gave a presentation on the methodology for identification, and consequently justification of heavily modified water body.

As the final speaker, Irma Popovic (NGO Green action) presented the view from the side of non governmental organizations of current situation and problems in water management in Croatia, and the expectations from future water management.

For more information please read the program of the symposium and the presentations below.


 Albert Goettle: Introduction- river structure - key element of modern water management

Tina Miholic: Croatian Rivers - status of alteration

Lidija Tadic:Drainage management - New perspectives in Croatian agriculture

Mario Sommerhaeuser: Joining forces- river protection and flood management

Senta Berner: When there is no way out - justifying HMWB

Walter Binder:Ecology and Economy: What can be gained?

Irma Popovic: Expectations from Croatian nature protection organizations

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