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PROJECT RESULTS Published: 8.10.2009.  

This brochure provides the final report of the Twinning Project “Building and Development of Guidelines for the Implementation of Water Framework Directive” and gives a summary of achieved results.

The report itself is not an official EU document and does not represent EU policy. The views expressed in this report are those of the MS experts of the Twinning Project. It is an overview of two years of fruitful cooperation and intensive discussion with colleagues from the Ministry for Regional Development, Forestry and Water Management, Hrvatske vode, the University of Zagreb, the ICPDR, the German and Dutch public water administration and many other organizations.

The document is structured according to project activities, where each activity is outlined within a one page activity passport, shortly describing the:
1. prior state – before the Twinning Project,
2. findings of the Twinning Project – achieved results during the project
3. recommendations – for the future implementation process.

The report at hand is neither exhaustive nor does it provide detailed descriptions. For each activity a more comprehensive report will be available.

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