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Reaction to ppt presetation Published: 1.12.2009.  

It has come to our attention that there is a PowerPoint presentation titled “How water lobbies are destroying Croatia” circling the web. In this presentation the unknown author is trying to affirm his position by „citing“ our project and using materials developed within the project. It is because of this fact that we feel obligated to note several points on that issue:

  1. Trying to promote a topic through anonymous emails and presentations of unknown origins is a completely unacceptable way of communication, which can if anything be detrimental to the goal of enhancing public discourse.

  2. We were not in any way involved in the development of the above-mentioned presentation, nor did we in any way help in the process. The information and pictures in the document are freely accessible on our web site.

  3. Things are, from WFD perspective, far from perfect when it comes to water management in Croatia but portraying Hrvatske vode and it’s employees as criminals who are destroying Croatia is not in any way acceptable.

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