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Danube RBMP Published: 2.3.2010.  

In the Danube River Basin District, all countries (including most of those not being members of the EU like Croatia) have been working on their national management plan. As these plans need to be established for each river basin, the countries are also cooperating on the international level. They use the ICPDR as a platform to discuss and agree on the transboundary aspect of the management of the water resources.

Jointly the countries of the Danube River Basin have developed the Danube River Basin Management Plan including measures that ensure that at least good status is reached by 2015 and thematic maps.

The Danube River Basin Management Plan has been adopted by the ICPDR on 10 December 2009 andwas formaly adopted by all states within the ICPDR on the Ministrial Meeting held on February 16th in Wienna. 

You can download the Danube River Basin Management Plan, all annexes and maps on the ICPDR web site

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